She’s incredibly strong,
but she needs your help to survive

Now more than ever some of the strongest people you will ever meet, desperately need your support.

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly amongst vulnerable communities across international borders.

It disproportionately affects refugees like the Rohingya sheltering in Cox’s Bazar, because these communities already lack access to food, clean water, and a steady income.

BRAC has been working to support refugee communities on the ground for many years, providing tools like education to not only survive - but thrive.

This World Refugee Day, please show your support to refugee communities that are struggling to survive even more now.

Please make a donation today; BRAC will take the responsibility of delivering your support quickly to the people who need it most on the ground.

BRAC: serving people living in poverty in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sierra Leone and beyond.

BRAC's response to Covid-19

33,010,948 people reached through our awareness raising activities

698,476 life-saving information distributed

225,893 masks distributed

6,411 frontline staff deployed across BRAC International countries

2,640 hand-washing stations installed