She’s incredibly strong,
but she needs your help to survive

Now more than ever some of the strongest people you will ever meet desperately need you to protect them.

They have survived poverty, assault and trauma so extreme we hardly dare imagine.

We must not let them now be defeated by this virus.

Please will you help protect them right now?

Our frontline heroes are helping people from urban slums to remote villages, to battle Covid-19.

We urgently need protective equipment, gloves, masks, goggles.

Simple but critical things that protect our committed teams and help save lives.

Please give whatever you can to help save lives today.

BRAC: serving people living in poverty in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sierra Leone and beyond.

BRAC's response to Covid-19

33,010,948 people reached through our awareness raising activities

698,476 life-saving information distributed

225,893 masks distributed

6,411 frontline staff deployed across BRAC International countries

2,640 hand-washing stations installed